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My path crosses -- again -- with Spring Hill College

June 19, 2013

One of my favorite fun organizations, the Artists Association of Jupiter, made my day when I learned my little-known and unfamiliar alma mater would be the beneficiary of the group’s next art exhibit and reception.

Carolyn Austin, of Unique Glass Art, emailed me a press release touting “A Solo Exhibition by Photographer Richard Kendall” when, much to my surprise and delight, I read this: “A portion of proceeds from the sale of artwork created by the artists of the AAOJ and Richard Kendall will benefit Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala., in the memory of our beloved Ruth Mary Morley.”

My jaw dropped incredulously, and I emailed Carolyn in ALL-CAPS: “NO WAY!!!!!!”

Finding someone who knows about the idyllic college on Dauphin Street is a rarity, and finding someone who actually went there is rarer. I found Ms. Morley’s obituary online and learned she attended our school about 10 years prior to me. While I did not have the good fortune to have known her, we Badgers engage in solidarity, and I am sure Ms. Morley found that sweet southern school to be as special as did.

Funny, my boyfriend and I recently road-tripped from New Orleans back home, and one of our stops along the way was Spring Hill College – the first time I’d returned to the campus in 20-plus years.

The Artists Association of Jupiter event will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. July 10 at A Unique Art Gallery in Jupiter. Guests will have the opportunity to peruse and purchase Kendall’s photography, which illustrates natural beauty, the uniqueness of architecture and images that capture the essence of human behavior.

For information, call 561-529-2748.


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