Dreyfoos' gives $1 million to Max Planck FL Foundation
March 4, 2014
The Max Planck Florida Foundation announced today a gift of $1 million from Alexander and Renate Dreyfoos. The foundation supports the programming and operations of...
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Lecture at PBSC on adapting to climate change
October 8, 2013
How will climate change transform the world? What can be done to reduce our vulnerability? Who needs to get involved? These and other questions will...
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Celebrate Fire’s Role in Florida’s Eco-System
April 21, 2013
Earth Day is great day to recognize the importance of fire in Florida’s ecosystem. Fire shaped Florida’s landscape long before homes, roads, canals and bridges....
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Max Planck Offers Lecture Series
January 30, 2012
Max Planck Florida Institute's Second Annual Public Lecture Series Will Explore Scientific Mysteries The human brain and our solar system — up until now our...
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Scripps on Diabetes and Obesity Feb. 15
January 30, 2012
The Front Lines of Hope discussion series is presented by The Scripps Florida Council and serves to educate and enlighten all who attend about some...
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Join Scripps CELLebration
January 30, 2012
Visitors to The Gardens Mall will learn about the latest biomedical research taking place at Scripps Florida and meet the scientists behind the discoveries at...
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Potential Drug Target
December 17, 2011
For years, science has generally considered the phosphorylation of proteins—the insertion of a phosphorous group into a protein that turns it on or off—as perhaps...
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Scripps Florida Scientist Awarded $3.4 Million for HIV/AIDS Research
December 1, 2011
Susana Valente, an assistant professor at Scripps Florida,  is the principal investigator of the five-year NIH $3.4 million grant to study the mode of action...
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More on Max Planck and Mouse Whiskers
November 30, 2011
The human brain constantly performs a series of complex functions such as learning, memorizing and decision making. A research team at the Max Planck Florida...
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New Class of Small Molecules Developed
November 23, 2011
Inspired by natural products, scientists on the Jupiter campus of The Scripps Research Institute have created a new class of small molecules with the potential...
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Gene with Role in Balancing Food Intake and Energy Expenditure Weighty Finding
November 23, 2011
Against the backdrop of the growing epidemic of obesity in the United States, scientists from the Jupiter campus of The Scripps Research Institute have made...
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Scripps Front Lines of Hope
November 12, 2011
The Scripps Florida Council presents Front Lines of Hope 2011 – 2012 Thursday, December 1, 2011 New Findings to Stop HIV: In Recognition of World...
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