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Attention North County residents: South County stirs up spirit of Halloween with 'Young Frankenstein' stage show

October 20, 2015

'Young Frankenstein's' kooky cast of characters.

Entr’acte Theatrix returns to Delray Beach with one of the silliest -- and spookiest -- of spoofs: Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, which opens Oct. 22 and runs through Nov. 1.
The able troupe of actors, who last year brought the cult classic The Rocky Horror Show to the same stage, will play the kooky cast of characters in the Broadway hit that follows a bright and young Dr. Frankenstein (That’s Fronkensteen!) as the mad genius who attempts to bring a corpse to life. Frankenstein is haphazardly helped by the oddly shaped and endearing Igor (That’s Eye-gor!) and a pretty blond lab assistant named Inga, and despite interference from the doctor's madcap wife-to-be Elizabeth, a monster rises from the operating table and terrorizes the town.
“Young Frankenstein allows Entr’acte Theatrix an excellent opportunity to introduce this group of young actors to the genius of Mel Brooks,” said the company’s founder and producer, Vicki Halmos. “He’s one of our foremost American comedy writers."
Kevin Black will direct the show, and Roger Blankenship has taken on the task of musical direction.
“I’m really impressed with this cast’s preparedness,” Black said. “I found them to be delightfully bonded -- with the material and with each other.”
Cast members include Robyn Eli Brenner, Victoria Lauzun, Christopher Lam, Greg Halmos, Carlo Sabusap, Cindy Thagard, Melissa Whitworth and Ross Parris, as well as Lara Williams, Phillip Andrew, Maryann Whims, Mary Grace Tesoriero, Nick Williams, Jonathan Nieto, Katie Frederickson and Alexander Schettino.
Entr'acte Theatrix is a nonprofit company providing opportunities for emerging artists and giving students in college and post-graduate programs a professional trajectory toward working in the profession.
One dozen performances will grace the Crest Theatre at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts. For information, call 561-243-7922, Ext. 1, or visit


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